Cute orange kittens snuggling.


Understanding Cattitude

. . . Absolutely, cats are stubborn, opinionated, and fussy. Yet they are also playful, companionable, and loving. Where do cats get their distinct attitude? This site, inspired by our book Camp Cattitude and by our volunteer work with cats, offers up-to-date information and best practices to better understand and live more harmoniously with a cattitudinous feline. Take a look at our Cattitude Questions and Answers to read some remarkable facts about these amazing animals and to learn about the roots of their fantastically finicky behavior.

Finding Feline Harmony

. . . If you have a cat or have thought of bringing a cat into your life, you may have wondered how you can live comfortably with a creature who is basically wild at heart. At our Feline Harmony page, check out tips to increase enjoyment of living with cats, these splendid but often feral-born and always strong-minded creatures. Here, you can learn basic steps, gleaned from research and our years of work with cats, that will reduce cats’ stress and increase their contentment. This will reduce undesired behaviors and increase the happiness of sharing a life with them.

Beautiful long-haired cat with fluffy tail sleeping.

Camp Cattitude—The Book

. . . If cats ran the world, they would be prized for their cattitudinous traits: the sharpest nails, the loudest yowl, the lengthiest nap. Our picture book Camp Cattitude takes a whimsical journey into this cat world with a fun and heartwarming tale that will especially entertain children and anyone who has lived with a cat.

Explore and Enjoy

. . . Cats will always have cattitude and they wouldn’t be nearly as engaging without it. But we can live much more happily and harmoniously with them if we better understand the cat beneath the cattitude. So we hope you like exploring our Camp Cattitude website to pick up some care tips and enjoy some cat pics!

Cute tabby cat sleeping on sunny cat perch.