Camp Cattitude—The Book

Welcome to our Camp Cattitude book page. Here you can find our picture book’s description, some cattitude-themed activity sheets for kiddos, and background info about the story and author. We hope that you enjoy!

Camp Cattitude cat book for kids image of cover.

From the Back Cover:

For as long as any cat could remember, Meowmoiselle had been running Camp Cattitude. She had trained some of the most famous cats in the world—Professional Yowlers, Expert Shedders, Olympian Nappers. Then one day Snug arrives, a kitty that even Meowmoiselle can’t teach. He has absolutely no Cattitude! Meowmoiselle is stumped. How can this little kitten find a way to be successful in the cat world without an attitude? . . . With its fresh and funny take on finicky felines, this warm and entertaining picture book can be enjoyed by readers of all ages as they root for Snug (and kindheartedness) to prevail.

Additional Information:

With layers of humor, this picture book will particularly tickle the funny bone of kindergarten and early elementary age children as well as anyone who has lived with a cat. Along with chuckles, the book’s word play and descriptive vocabulary can encourage language development and exploration. Intertwined with the humorous cat and dog story, the book quietly speaks to the power of kindness and leadership. The storyline is complemented by lively, fine-scaled watercolor illustrations. This is a great children’s cat book choice for a fun yet heartwarming read.

Camp Cattitude Characters: Meet and Greet . . .

Camp Cattitude children's cat book image of napping cat.
Camp Cattitude funny cat book image of happy tabby.

Additional Cattitude Fun: Activity Sheets for Kids

These cattitude-themed activity sheets can be (right click) saved and printed to be enjoyed by kids in the five- to eight-year-old age range. Links to answer sheets, if needed, are at the end of the activities.

Camp Cattitude: The Book’s Inspiration

We became inspired to create our book Camp Cattitude after adopting our beloved cat, Bubs. Although baby kitten Bubs was found outside in a garbage can, he has turned out to be a gentleman of a cat. Loving and kindly, he takes care of his cat brothers, sharing food and his favorite heating pad. He also good-naturedly responds to verbal requests such as “perch” to jump onto his cat tree or “grass” to stand up to get his favorite kitty grass. But the word he loves best is “snug”: when he hears this, he runs across the house (past the other cattitudinous cats doing just as they please) and leaps onto the couch for a snuggle. Hence, the idea was born for our book’s hero, Snug—a cat with no cattitude, who, no matter the attitudes in the world around him, finds a way to thrive and bring joy.

Gorgeous Maine Coon feral rescue cat.

We so hope you enjoy the book—maybe even with a feline friend curled up nearby as you read!

~ Kate and Ben

Camp Cattitude Mom's Choice Award Gold level.

Camp Cattitude’s recognitions include being a winner of the Mom’s Choice Gold Award and receiving a Five Star Reader’s Choice Award rating. Camp Cattitude is available for sale on Amazon.

About the Author:
A writing teacher, a published poet, and a lover of children’s literature, Kate always planned to write children’s picture books someday. That day arrived when she and her husband began rescuing cats and observing their entertaining antics as well as studying feline behavior and discovering parallels to human actions. In creating a comical cat world in her book Camp Cattitude, Kate strives to write in a way that brings joy as well as learning. She herself still has dog-eared copies of her favorite childhood picture books, and she hopes Camp Cattitude will become a well-worn book on some future shelves.

Kate loves hearing from folks who have enjoyed the website or the book—including kiddos who have read the book to their cat. 🙂 She looks forward to releasing another picture book in the coming year.